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David Beskar is a firm believer in providing his students with a holistic education. For the past several decades, David has devoted his life to the pursuit of teaching. He is immensely proud of his work ethic and integrity and he has always chosen to work with organizations that can make a positive impact on the world. Although he didn’t begin his professional career in the field of education, he was quickly drawn to the world of academia.

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David began his career in Minneapolis, working as an assistant software developer for Triple Vision Inc. He rapidly moved up the ranks, writing computer software and leading his own teams. When given the opportunity to teach, David Beskar worked for six years as a science and math teacher for Trinity School. This was followed by two years as the science and A.P. programming teacher for Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR. During this time, David was simultaneously the school’s network administrator and user support technician, where he built and maintained the first school-wide computer network for both the administration and student body. David added computers to the classrooms and overhauled the computer lab for internet access and LAN resources, bringing the institution into modern-day and preparing it for future technology demands.

David spent years teaching mathematics, science, and scripture at Trinity School at River Ridge. Here, too, David Beskar was the network administrator and technology specialist. As the years went on, he began taking on more academic responsibilities. Eventually, David accepted the role of Academic Dean. This was followed by a promotion to Associate Head of School. In this role, David oversaw the academic well-being of the entire student body. He worked with faculty on curricular issues and their performance as educators. He worked with parents on concerns in regards to the school and its service to their children. As the Headmaster of Great Hearts Academy, David successfully launched two charter schools in the Greater Phoenix Area, known as Archway Trivium and Trivium Prep Academies. 

David spends his free time reading books and teaching his children about conservation and animal care through hobby farming. David also enjoys viewing historical documentaries. He and his family are also admirers of the great outdoors, and they try to go camping and hiking as often as they can.

Aside from his experience as an educator, David Beskar also takes a special interest in finance as well as business development. David began developing computers at a young age, and his exceptional mathematical skills has helped him excel in those fields as well. Due to David Beskar’s love for computers and math, had had his school renovated with new computers to get students to the next level!

Read more about David at his other websites, davidbeskar.net and davidbeskar.org!

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