When first beginning your career, you may fall victim to imposter syndrome, in which you experience self-doubt and feeling inexperienced for the role you find yourself in. This can lead to a decrease in your work performance and passing up on opportunities that could have grown you further. Even though you might feel like an amateur, there are some small steps you can take to grow confidence in your career.

Build Relationships With Your Coworkers

Many people do not realize the impact that your coworkers can have on your overall work performance. The people that you work with create the overall environment, and if it is a negative one, it will be difficult for you to have the motivation needed to excel or be proud of the work that you do. However, when you build intentional relationships with your coworkers, you will help create a positive environment where you and your colleagues feel comfortable encouraging each other and giving each other constructive feedback when needed. Having these relationships will help you build confidence even while receiving input because you will know that these critiques are rooted in a solid foundation. Overall, these relationships will help you build confidence as you pursue excellence.

Have an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone that knows your career goals and can keep you on track. However, this individual can also act as an encouragement, giving you valuable advice and congratulating you for your accomplishments. While you want to eventually have self-confidence, it is also important to have individuals in your life who intentionally pour into your life and remind you of your purpose. Growing confidence becomes significantly less frustrating and more attainable of a goal when you have an accountability partner present in your life.

Challenge Yourself

In many instances, you’ll feel most confident in yourself directly after accomplishing something huge, especially if it is something that you weren’t sure you could do. This emphasizes the importance of challenging yourself in your career. Don’t be afraid to take on additional responsibilities or teach yourself a new skill. Challenging yourself can bring on lots of self-confidence. After all, you are the only one who sees the ins and outs of your journey from beginning to end. After overcoming a challenge or teaching yourself a new skill, you’ll grow in confidence in your career and will feel comfortable taking on future challenges.